The Role of Culture in Marriage and Divorce

For example, among the Nuer of South Sudan, an older wealthy woman can marry Where are Slavic women from a young girl. The young girl then has sexual relationships with young males and has children. The children are then considered a part of the older woman’s family.

Descriptive analysis of survey respondents’ demographic characteristics was first conducted using the means and standard deviations for continuous variables and the frequencies and percentages for categorical variables. Second, multiple logistic regression analysis was used to determine the predictors of early marriage among female adolescents. We used a progressive analytical strategy starting with the calculations of the unadjusted odds ratios. We first ran model 1 in which ethnic groups were adjusted by messages to prevent early marriage.

Take Matthew and James, another pair I spoke with, who had risen through the professional ranks in their 18 years together. Initially Matthew was reluctant to talk to James about his doubts, because he questioned whether James would still love him if he changed direction.

As hard as the Vanboven family tries to avoid controversy, the Jacobs family welcomes it. They refer to themselves as a “loud and feisty bunch,” and there is no mistaking who inspired that image. Joe Jacobs, a child of Lebanese immigrants, grew up in poverty in Brooklyn.

And it’s challenging to make sure you explore every difference before deciding to marry because some of them seem just so universal it is puzzling how anyone could do anything differently. You may replicate this article as long as it is provided free to recipients and includes appropriate attribution. Where you each individually engage in your cultural activities, make sure you are on the same page about how, when and where.

In Egypt, marriage is seen through many different lenses, mostly of responsibility, children and caregiving, and romance. When things get difficult, it is also useful to travel and see how other cultures perceive relationships, and to borrow some lessons or lifestyles from their culture and apply it to our own. Regardless of where you come from, marriage and family life has always been difficult to manage. Sometimes, however, there are local cultural ideas that can be rewired or replaced with different cultural practices from around the world to see marriage in a totally new light. Couple has the choice to live with either the husband’s or wife’s family, a choice is made based on which location is best able to accommodate new members or which location needs the additional labor that comes from new members.

A dowry was important for a woman to take with her into a marriage because the groom’s family had the upper economic hand. It helped ease the tension of her arrival in the household, especially if the dowry was substantial.

She had recently ended a six-year relationship with a man she had dated since attending the University of South Carolina. And she had more than enough to keep her occupied managing the business and personal affairs of her brother, Khris Middleton, who plays for the Milwaukee Bucks of the National Basketball Association.

  • We’wha had at least one husband who was generally recognized as such.
  • When household characteristics are taken into account in Model 2, the significance level for the Mandinka ethnic group disappeared, while that for the Wolof ethnic group remains statistically significant.
  • Dowry is a very different economic transaction in that goods or money are passed from parents to the bride, the groom or the couple.
  • As we begin life together, frequently a couple of years or more into the relationship, the differences become less attractive.

Increasingly, many couples establish a residence together before marriage or may skip the formal marriage altogether. Partners in cross-national couples may have to learn and adjust to how the interactions with the local community and the host country impact the immigrant partner and, as a result, the couple.Different stages in life can present different issues.

Intercultural Marriages: So Many Blessings

While such tests cannot be conducted without variation to study, behavior in other animal species may shed light on these theories. Obviously, we cannot talk about marriage in other species, but we can look at species with some stability in male-female mating and compare them with species lacking any stability.


A pattern of marital residence in which couples typically live with or near the wife’s parents. A type of polygyny where only a limited number of men, usually those of greater wealth or social status, have multiple wives simultaneously. Two families that are connected by at least one blood tie that form a single social and/or economic unit.

The Role of Culture in Marriage and Divorce

The student test question will be used to encourage active listening. The art of dancing is very much akin to the art of keeping a marriage. Rather than fighting to gain control, one must surrender to be able to move in synchrony and harmony together. Piazza notes that many scientists believe that humans who can dance well together indicate that they are highly committed to each other. For Chileans, the key to a successful marriage is to be able to dance together. Not just to dance literally, but also to dance in harmony in their relationship without having to deal with the conflict of who will lead the other. It’s about being kind to yourself and those close to you, and that also helps make you a better partner,” the book explains.

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