Army Issue M16 Magazines

Your rifle is only as reliable as it’s magazine!  Put your trust into the m-16 mags our service men and women trust!!  Get real army M-16 Mags and AR 15 Magazines, at a great price with Quartermaster Supply.  When the difference between a “bang” and a “click” is life and death, your M 16 magazine failure is more than inconvenient. When you need reliable M16 magazines, there’s none better than real army M-16 Mags  / AR 15 Magazines.

Army M16 Magazines

When failure is not an option, these real army M-16 Mags  / AR 15 Magazines deliver on the range, in the field, in a tactical situation, under fire, every time. Load these smooth-feeding magazines to maximum capacity and fire the rounds you expect without jams, misfeeds, or hangups.  Choose the style and capacity of our real army M 16 Magazines.  We have 30-round magazines, 20-round models, all in stock and at a great price!  If you need army M 16 magazines in a hurry, even in quantity, we can get them to you ASAP.