PreBan High Capacity 30 Rd Magazines


AR15 High Capacity Magazines – PreBan

These are Original G.I. Issue 30 Round magazines that are pre-ban meaning pre 1994 production!
Original G.I. Issue 20 and 30 round magazines, pre-1994 production.  Preban AR- 15 mags and PreBan High Capacity 30 round magazines are grandfathered-in legal.

LEGAL High Capacity Magazines – PreBan

These preban AR- 15 & M16 mags are pre 1994 production meaning they are grandfathered-in for states like California, Massachusetts and New York where state law prohibits new High Capacity 30 round magazines!
Original G.I. Issue 30 round magazines, pre-1994 production.


The preban AR-15 mags you’ll find in our store are selected for their excellence quality! We know that you cannot afford to have anything less than the best, and that’s all we sell!




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